For more than a decade, Spring Air MG has been dedicated to enhance the air quality of homes and offices across the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area.

Our team comprises highly qualified technicians equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to ensure that every inhabitant of your home or business enjoys clean and fresh air.

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Air Duct Cleaning

At Spring Air MG, our dedication is centered around delving deep into your ducts to eliminate anything that may compromise your indoor air quality. Equipped with powerful tools designed to reach every nook and cranny of your duct system, our technicians leave no trace behind as they meticulously clean your ducts, ensuring they are in clean condition. Whether you’re in the process of purchasing a new home or require annual air duct cleaning, trust us to provide unparalleled service at an exceptional price.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryers, as powerful heat-generating appliances, play a crucial role in homes and businesses. However, the accumulation of lint and debris in your dryer vent poses a significant fire risk. At Spring Air MG Duct Cleaning Services, we specialize in professional dryer vent cleaning, ensuring that even the most challenging vents remain free of lint. Our thorough cleaning not only enhances the performance of your dryer but also prioritizes the safety of everyone indoors. If you observe prolonged drying times or a lack of steam escaping when your dryer is in operation, it’s likely time for a professional dry.

Prateek Sinha
Prateek Sinha
Very professional service and reasonable. Tells you upfront whats needed and what not to spend on. and he wont charge you extra.
Judy Irving
Judy Irving
20 years in this house and no technician EVER cleaned the dryer vent properly until this company. He removed FROM THE EXTERIOR rope-like wet lint with dead birds in it. Then he found black mold in heating ducts and vacuumed-sanitized the ducts. The home environment now is clear and clean. My heartiest recommendation goes to this company. Attached are some before and after shots
Amlan Banerjee
Amlan Banerjee
Michael recently cleaned our air ducts, and he did an excellent job. He took the time to take pictures, showing us the before and after conditions of our air vents, which was very reassuring. Michael has a friendly yet professional demeanor and truly cares about his clients. His attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction were evident throughout the entire process. We highly recommend his services!
Sharon Randall
Sharon Randall
I called SpringAir to assess the air quality in my home and the technician spotted mild black mold. They recommended the UV light and installed it the same days. Within weeks I was breathing better and not waking up with headaches. I called back to have them put the UV Light in my bottom system and they provided quick and efficient service each time.
Marquis Wade
Marquis Wade
Man when I tell you Mr Michael is the best! That’s an understatement! Very knowledgeable, fast all about his work! I recommend him 10x over if you need some work done to your house !!!! (Ps he didn’t hold me hostage to write this 😂) great guy Thanks again Michael !!!
Alyssa Bello
Alyssa Bello
Michael was on time, respectful, and knowledgeable. He took the time to walk me through each issue and explain the options. He did great work at a reasonable price and I recommend his company 100%! Thank you, Michael!
Ralph Johnson
Ralph Johnson
Michael did a great job! 5 stars
Kimberly Cruz
Kimberly Cruz
Michael is so knowledgeable and professional at what he does. He explains the process before he even begin. He shows the before and after. Will for sure recommend to family/friends and for sure will contact him again in the future.
Wayne Lashley
Wayne Lashley
My health will be much better now. Your service man was very knowledgeable and skilled. He is a true professional who I would recommend to all my friends and homeowners. I’m so glad I called your company. Thanks, Wayne Lashley

Spring air mg

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Chris Roy
4 days ago

Michael was very thorough with his inspection and did a great job with the cleaning process.

Sharon Randall
6 days ago

Dearl Dailey
a week ago

Latrice Wingo
2 weeks ago

Michael was great to work with. He was professional and knowledgeable. Great company.

2 weeks ago

i rate this service a big FIVE DIAMOND a very honest and thurough work in my house. Strongly reccommend it!

Bello Gbadamosi
2 weeks ago

Miko came and fixed my problems perfectly

Emily De La Cruz
3 weeks ago

Michael is a very nice guy. He is so helpful and very kind. He did a great job!

Michael did an excellent job! He was professional and knowledgeable about my unfortunate house situation and fixed the problems in no time.

Steph Barrett
3 weeks ago

Michael did an excellent job! He was professional and knowledgeable about my bad situation and fixed the problems.

Marquita Cuffey
3 weeks ago

Michael Gabriel was very knowledgeable and explained the process to me thoroughly. He has the perfect demeanor for what he does in the business. We need more people like him in the world.

Michelle McCatty
a month ago


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