Serving Maryland Virginia & Washington D.C

Serving Maryland Virginia & Washington D.C


the unit Crafted to satisfy the escalating consumer demand for clean indoor air, the spring air UV system boasts easy installation and maintenance, a task seamlessly undertaken by local contractors in furnaces. Each unit is meticulously designed to deliver optimal UV treatment for areas up to 3,000 SF, providing purified air at a fraction of the cost compared to other UV treatment products or filtration systems available in the market.

The unit harnesses the power of nature to create a pristine indoor environment, utilizing the invisible Ultra Violet (UV) light naturally emitted by the sun at its violet spectrum. Employing cutting-edge, safe, and eco-friendly technologies, this UV air treatment system purifies residential air without generating ozone – all at a remarkably low daily cost. Numerous tests confirm that integrating UVC lighting into the air supply of heating or cooling units progressively eliminates a significant percentage of harmful bacteria present in treated residential air.

In alignment with government standards, UV lamps above cooling coils are mandated for use in government buildings to control microbial growth. Now, homeowners can proactively implement the same safety measures within their living spaces. Considering the well-documented hazards of mold and bacteria at home, it only makes logical sense to address these issues at their roots. This can be achieved through the installation of a Spring Air UV Germicidal Lamp by an authorized dealer.

Not only is it safe, but it’s also remarkably effective in eliminating airborne allergens and bacteria, working tirelessly to sanitize the air and furnace through continuous UV sterilization. Independent laboratory tests underscore its potency, revealing that a single pass air flow significantly reduces bacteria and mold levels by over 90%.

  • Pennies a day to operate  environment

  • Destroy Mold

  • Improve your living

  • Allergy Relief

  • Less Headaches

  • Great for Asthma sufferers

Harnessing UV Light - A Pervasive Force in Disinfection Technology

The utilization of UV light for disinfection has reached unprecedented heights, becoming a cornerstone in the battle against infectious diseases. Widely adopted in healthcare settings, laboratories, and beyond, UV light stands as a formidable force, ensuring the sanitization of instruments, work surfaces, and even the air we breathe. This article delves into the multifaceted applications of UV light, highlighting its pivotal role in diverse sectors such as healthcare, the food industry, and water treatment.

Air Duct Cleaning - $179 Per Single Unit

  •  Free HVAC unit inspection for bacterial and cleanlines.
  • Unlimited register vents cleaning.
  • Indoor dryer vent cleaning up to 5 ft.
  • Air return  free inspection
  • Before and after picture